If we are created in the image of God, why there are so many false

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4 min readFeb 4, 2022

There are different arguments for the existence of God. Some are better than others. Some of those arguments try to appeal to our intuition. One of those arguments is so-called fine-tuning.

The argument is that this universe is SOOO fine-tuned if there are any alterations the universe ceases to exist. Therefore, there must be a power that created this whole universe in this manner. Well, when we look at this proposition at first, it sounds very appealing. Yes, if governing powers of the universe life the rate of expansion of the universe or maybe gravity change by a little, the universe collapsed.

The first problem with the proposition is that this universe is not that fined tuned. I mean it is fined tuned. But not in the way that you would think. Let me give a couple of examples. We can’t find a single place that can support complex organisms except for earth. But we could millions of dead stars or galaxies or even. So, how to fine-tune is the universe. Or I would like to give an example which is close to the earth. The so-called creator of the universe has created species whose whole life cycle depends on killing or blinding humans. A good example of this is a disease called River Blindness which is caused by Onchocerciasis. As a result of river blindness, people will be blind or even die. I am going to ask the same question again. How fine-tuned is the earth? God’s favorite place in the whole universe.

So, when believers say that this world is fined tuned. They talk about the atomic level or expansion of the universe or gravitational strength. Those kinds of things. They might say that ‘look how precious all those conditions are. Look at the beauty of our mother planet’. In that kind of situation, the simple answer I would give is ‘YES you are correct. But what kind of creator would let all the other plants die or planets without organisms.’

Let’s say for the sake of the argument okay, for an unknown reason this universe is fined tuned. How can we say that this is because of YOUR GOD? This could be due to maybe pure luck or just another God. It could be anything. Or, we can simply say that this is how it was. There can be many hypotheses regarding this. Yes, God is one of them. The next question is how plausible the hypothesis is? The answer is going to be not enough at least for me.

The same argument can be given to the watchmaker analogy. This is how I understand the watchmaker analogy. A watch cannot just spring out of nothing. It needs to have a maker. Watch is a complex object. The universe is also complex. Therefore, the universe also needs to have a maker. That creator is GOD! Correct me if I am wrong.

The normal response is going to something like, just because 2 things share one common feature that does not mean it has shared other features. Such as both of those objects having a crater.

But this is not how to approach this question. I am going to approach this by saying ‘Okay there is a creator to this Universe. How good is the creator’? Think about it. You can say the billions of stars exploding, galaxies being destroyed, or river blindness. If the creator is SOOO powerful. Why this much chaos. Why did the creator letting billions of organisms die? As Stephan Fry would say, “How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault.”

I am going to ask you what Stephan Fry would ask from God. How dare you create a world with such suffering that is not your fault. Tell me why children are dying of bone cancer, Thalassemia, or even river blindness. How would he let all this suffering happen which is not our fault? (I am para parsing).


River blindness- https://youtu.be/zs2x8RzG36U

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