Pixel 6a. Is it worth it?

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3 min readAug 3, 2022

First of all, I have to say one thing, this is only my personal experience. These things can be changed from person to person. So do not try to judge me. Otherwise, Like Ahamed, the Dead terrorist would say “I KILL YOU”

The simple review of this phone is that it is a pretty chill phone if you are looking for a reasonably priced phone. This is the end if you don’t want to read the rest of this article.

Okay, you are still there. Well then let’s talk about some details. One of the reasons I am suggesting this phone is that it has a good build quality to it. I mean it is not good as the iPhone obviously. But the people who are buying this phone I don’t think are very interested in iPhone or high-end phones in general. So, for them, it is actually pretty good.

The second reason is the android experience it gives. It has android 12 out of the box and it is a stock android. So, no drama on that side. To be honest, I have used most of the android version. So, my experience is that after you get used to the system you will get along very fine. The difference is how each android system is utilized in the phone. In this phone, they have done it very very very well. There aren’t any lags, animations are pretty good. Overall, the experience satisfied me. I would dare to say that it is good as the iPhone experiences.

The third reason, as you expected the camera. To be honest, there is nothing special to say about the camera. As expected, it is a pretty dope camera. No drama there. It takes good pictures in many situations.

Now the praises are over. Now let’s talk about the bad. One thing is that the system sometimes gets a little bit gibberish. That means, sometimes the phone gets stuck or just stops working for a moment. This is not the end of the world. You just have to click the power button, that’s all.

The next one is the battery of this phone. It has a 4410mAh Battery. Again, the same thing is not the end of the world. I mean it is not the best. It is enough for a whole day for a person with light or medium use. This is something I am not sure about. I have seen some videos saying that, when your phone gets used to you, the battery performance gets better. This is something I cannot confirm.

Now let’s walk toward the ugly part of the pixel. One of the main criticisms I have seen is the 60Hz refresh rate. To be honest, it is just drama. Someone who has used a higher refresh rate might be noticed. Other than nothing just simple drama. It is enough to do your daily work.

The second drama behind this phone is the overheating problem. This is something also I am concerned about. It is getting overheated. In my experience, it did not affect the performance of the phone. The most it did annoy me and got me scared. I did a couple of videos and when it was heated. I did not see any drop in performance.

Overall, when we look at the market and the price of this phone it’s banging on. Let’s be very honest, most people who are going to buy this phone not even going to think about a high-end phone and I don’t think most people in this market have even used the high-end phone as their daily phone. For those (also me) people, this is a pretty good phone to buy. Even though there are some dramas behind this phone. I don’t think people should be worried. Most people want their phone to have a good camera, solid battery life, and solid performance. Sometimes long use. This phone has all of them. So, If you can buy this phone go ahead and buy it.

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