So I like Toowomba and this is why

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3 min readSep 19, 2022

So in my previous article I mentioned I’m an international student studying in Australia. So my university is located in a city called Toowoomba. This city is compared to more popular areas where international students go is small. I know when some people hear a small it means fewer facilities. To be honest it is partially true. You don’t get all the facilities you get in a big city like Melbourne or Sydney. Same time, this small town gives you everything you want. That is why I’m actually enjoying life.
Let me elaborate, one thing is that even though the city itself is small, it is very dense with activities. If you want to eat in a good place yeah you have options or you want to grab something light yeah the same thing there are plenty of options. There are 2 caviare to this thing, if you are coming from a big city compared to there this would be nothing. Also, all those facilities are only available in the daytime, after 9 the whole city is dead. I mean there are some options but at the end of the, you will grow out of it. Still don’t get disheartened, you are going to enjoy those places and the night of Toowoomba.

The second benefit is that in Toowoomba there is a huge job opportunity in the medical field at the present. As time goes on other fields are going to grow, and there is an acceleration in the construction industry in Toowoomba and the same time the hospitality industry. So don’t worry as time goes on it will be better.
The third is transportation. As I mentioned in my previous article, if you have your own vehicle, you are going to enjoy it here. The reason is that because this is a small city, everything you want is near you. Most jobs are concentrated in a small area, if you have a couple of jobs you can simply finish one job and get to the other one without getting late. In contrast, in a big city, driving is so annoying and very stressful. That is a huge plus point for an international student. They go through enough shit.
The last reason is the people. Here is the thing, most people I interacted with are very decent human beings. I don’t know about their personal life, but society is pretty chill. As I told most people, trust me there are assholes here too. What my experience is that in the major city percentage of assholes is high. So it is very annoying to live there.
So you have come to the end of the article. In summary, what I just have to say is that it is up to choose whether you want to live in a big city or a small city. I have to admit that there are pros to living in a big city. It is up to you to decide where you want to live.
Thank you and have a lovely day.

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