Why I like Matt Reeves The Batman (2022)

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4 min readApr 15, 2022

I know this movie isn’t the best movie in this world or the best comic book-related movie. I can say that this is one of the best DC movies and the second-best Batman movie for now. Before we go any further, I know viewers have ‘mixed’ opinions about this movie. The majority of the reviews regarding this movie are good. Meantime, some viewers have problems with The Batman. This isn’t about analyzing the movie. This article is about why I found this movie very interesting and why I am wishing more from this Batman and plans for the future.

The first reason is the perspective of the movie. All the previous comic book movies were based on how the hero is saving the world or the city or something like that. In this, it is there, but most of the time is how the actions of batman affect other characters in the movie. Usually, someone else is the narrator of the movie. In this one, the main character and the narrator are both played by Batman. That gives a unique perspective about the characters. I feel like Batman is sidelined throughout the movie. The director has put more emphasis on the city. For me, it justifies why batman is here and his crusade against crimes in Gotham. It gives so much room for others to grow in the movie. For this movie, it is justifiable. It can be a Batman movie, but the center of the movie is the city.

The most common criticism I have seen about this movie is the lack of screen time for Bruce Wayne and the lack of personality seen in Bruce Wayne. I mean to be fair it is true. They somewhat justify why there is a lack of screen time for Bruce Wayne, and they actually justify why Bruce Wayne is acting like that. There was a line in the movie where Bruce says that he doesn’t care about the family’s legacy or about the company. That line shows that even though he has been for batman for two years, he still didn’t identify what it is meant to be Batman. That is how I justify the moodiness of Bruce Wayne. To be honest, I did not miss Bruce Wayne in the movie. The way that the movie is directed, Bruce does not have a huge part to play. I mean if they can add more screen time for Bruce Wayne is good. Overall, it did not matter to me, and I don’t think it affect the flow of the movie.

The last reason is the comic movie references. I mean it is pure fan-pleasing. The main references I could find were from the long Halloween, batman first year, batman returns, and Hush. How they present those scenes for sooo good. I mean if you don’t care about those references, I mean it is fine. How they did those reference has huge meaning to the fans as well as to the story. I

If there is a sequel to this movie (hopefully there will be), one thing I am wishing for is the growth of Bruce Wayne. I know this isn’t the Bruce Wayne we wanted, but for the movie, I understand why they did it. Please make him happy next time. Another thing is that, in my personal opinion, don’t bring Joker. I know everyone likes joker and he is actually Batman’s arch-nemesis. I’m saying this because taking your time, let Joker become this great villain everyone fears. Let the contrast build between the two characters. Make the next movie about Batman, how he grows, how he becomes THE BATMAN. After that introduce Joker. So, it feels like Batman needs to stop this villain. Meantime, we can see the internal and the external struggle of Batman.